Source Filmmaker

An editing tool specifically for Valve games that allows you to edit, trim and combine in-game footage

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The Source Filmmaker software is a powerful way to create, edit, and animate your film projects. SFM works directly through Valve games so you can recreate events that happen in the games as well as create your own scenarios using your favorite characters.

Valve is the producing backing of games like Half-Life and Team Fortress 2. If you loved the games, or even just like the animation of the characters, then this is the program for you. Source Filmmaker offers great animation in bringing the characters to life in a myriad of different settings that are available at your control and discretion.

The software has a lot of controls and settings. This is great because it means a huge selection of options for the filmmaker. However, this also makes it a difficult program to initially become accustomed to. Unfortunately, a huge downside is that there are no internal tutorials built by the producers. You can look online and there are a plethora of resources there that will help beginners learn the controls. However, it's a shame that Source Filmmaker itself isn't more attuned to the needs of its customers.

Luckily, because of the popularity of Valve, many intuitive users have dedicated themselves to the task of learning and teaching others the inner workings of the program. Not only is it easy to find tutorials on the program, but new users can get inspired by seeing the work that more experienced users have created. Valve even has its own YouTube channels featuring helpful tips on the software and the editors' favorite fan created videos.

Something that potential customers should note is that Source Filmmaker wasn't created to be a full service video editing software. Instead, it is focused on the entire creation and production process for the development of Valve fan videos that feature content from the video games.

Additionally, upon reevaluating their software, the production company has made several positive changes to the program. Included in these improvements is the addition of new elements based on the upgrade of the game, Team Fortress, the repair of some potential disconnecting content, and the exclusion of a whole slew of glitches. These changes have helped to make Source Filmmaker an even higher functioning software.

Though Source Filmmaker can be a challenging program to work with initially, once learned, it can be quite fun to work with and helps fans of Valve games create cool videos featuring Valve content.


  • ability to import elements from other Valve games
  • top notch editing tools
  • easy to learn controls


  • needs high quality graphics card
  • many elements to learn

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